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Our Mission Statement:

"Our mission is to sustainably empower your business to easily consume complex technologies as a service, while reducing your risk and cost, accelerating your businesses productivity with proactive management"

Cormac Reid, ROCTEL Founder.


"Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, to sustainably deliver best in class services to the enterprise"

Daniel Fernandez, Head of Engineering and Services

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Over 20 Years Designing, Building, Managing, Mid-Market and Enterprise Networks and Services.
With an approach that emphasizes sustainability and planning, you'll find working with us to be collaborative and easy.

ROCTEL is an award-winning MSP established in 2000. Now, in our twentieth year. Our mission is to provide the best in class Cloud, Collaboration, Security, and Broadband Services to businesses. As a Cisco partner for many years, ROCTEL specialise in providing the Managed Services Infrastructure to suit all your business requirements and empower your remote work force with best in class Work From Home services. We are focused on building our business in Ireland and the UK, servicing the local and international markets. We have commercial offices in Dublin and London, with our 24x7 Data Cente, ROCSOLID NMC and SOC in Dublin.

Our core management team have over 80 years collective experience. Our Engineering, Operations, and Projects personnel hold primary degree's and MBA's from top Universities ranked worldwide. We have access to over 100 engineers in the UK and Ireland, some of which are certified to CCIE, in various Disciplines.

ROCTEL are carrier independent, we aggregate the best connectivity for a given location or City with best in Class SDWAN based services, all delivered via subscription OpEx and underpinned by Cisco Systems Technology. We have over two decades delivering best in class solutions, have won numerous awards, and have been featured in all major publications over the years.

Environmental statement.

At ROCTEL we are acutely aware of our need to operate in a sustainable manner, and are proud to say that we make every effort possible to be as green as we can, in every area of our business.

We use as little plastic as is possible, and re-use packaging 90% of the time. There has been considerable investment in our recycling centre on site in our Dublin office, which has led to more efficient waste disposal. This ensures a responsible and ecological handling of waste materials. We dispose of obsolete equipment safely.

ROCTEL have started a tree planting programme in Ireland - More to follow, watch this space!

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We would love to hear from you!