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Cisco Voice and Collaboration Services,

Work anywhere with anyone securely.

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Get your business connected with seamless collaboration across distributed teams - no matter where employees are located.
Your employees, customers, and suppliers have big expectations when it comes to calling and collaboration experiences.

More enterprises are working and sharing globally, and the number of remote workers continues to increase. Employees and customers have come to expect flexibility in anytime, anywhere communication. At the same time, business success hinges on enabling quality collaboration.

The ability to innovate and create bigger ideas requires a real connection and clear communication. And the future is only going to demand more of it. That’s why cloud calling is making it possible for you to grow to your expectations, with less complexity in communications and more dynamic ways to collaborate using new cognitive calling capabilities.

Find out why cloud calling is more secure, more scalable, and more ready to serve your future business needs than your existing on-premises PBX infrastructure.

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We offer a range of technology solutions backed by industry knowledge and years of experience. There are lots of considerations when choosing tech services. We'll be there to help you make the best decisions for now and the future.

Turning cloud calling into smarter collaboration
Work smarter with Webex Calling.

  • A secure global platform

    Until now, most cloud alternatives to on-premises PBX systems have lacked the security, features, functionality, and trusted performance record necessary to be viable replacement options for the enterprise PBX and PBX network.

    Cisco Webex® Calling is powered by the Cisco Webex cloud platform—which means it’s backed by Cisco global security protocols. We collect, use, and process customer information only in accordance with the Cisco Privacy Statement, the Cisco Webex Terms of Service, and regulatory compliance in every market we operate in.

    The Webex cloud platform is fully geo-redundant and has no single point of failure. It features a security descriptor definition language (SDDL) approach to product security, data protection, and privacy, as well as fraud detection mechanisms.

    We know that online collaboration must provide multiple levels
    of security for tasks that range from scheduling meetings and authenticating participants to sharing documents. So we make security the top priority in the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of all our networks, platforms, and applications.

    You can incorporate Cisco cloud calling solutions into your business processes with confidence, knowing we have already applied the most rigorous security practices, because security is built into every product we offer. We deliver cloud from geo-redundant data centers in seven countries, operated by experienced Tier 4 operators, providing a multitenant cloud service that’s more reliable, scalable, and secure than any on-premises option.

  • A full-stack collaboration suite

    When you buy a business phone system, it’s important to consider a solution that will serve all types of collaboration that go on in your business. Cisco Webex Calling is part of the Cisco Webex midsize and enterprise-grade collaboration suite. It’s delivered with a full- stack bundle that provides the essential business calling features you need today and for tomorrow—plus Cisco Webex TeamsTM collaboration and Cisco Webex Meetings conferencing services.

    Cisco offers a complete suite that will delight your employees and your customers. Cisco Webex is a trusted global cloud calling solution uniquely capable of serving large and multinational businesses—so you get the full cloud benefits of quality, predictable costs, and reduced administrative complexity, with the power of cloud calling.

  • Integrated devices and software

    Devices for every use case.

    Cisco collaboration solutions bring people together anywhere—on any device—with a single architecture for clear delivery of voice, video, and data. Whether you’re calling, creating, viewing, messaging, sharing, conferencing, or using voice or presence capabilities, you need to be able to do it from a variety of devices. From desk phone or laptop to room monitor or mobile device, the experience should be seamless.

    Cisco endpoints range from IP phones to web, mobile, and desktop clients—all integrated to make it easy to switch between devices. Take users from their smartphone in their car to the devices they use in their office, home, or meeting room, with easy device handovers and full access to business calling features at each step.

    Intelligent pairing of devices with users

    The Cisco Webex experience offers high-resolution video and animation, shared whiteboards, and clarity of image and sound
    for deeper engagement—from huddle spaces to boardrooms. Rich collaboration experiences happen when all your devices interoperate. Instant access to content fosters high-quality communication, regardless of device or location, and allows users to personalize their viewing and interaction experience.

    How does instant access work? Users can automatically pair with room devices when they enter the conference room, connecting their Cisco Webex app to a Cisco Webex room device, whiteboard, or desk phone, to share and receive content, transfer calls from their smartphone or tablet to the room device, or use their smartphone or tablet to control the Cisco Webex room device. Users can even start a meeting before they get to the room, then transfer it to the room device when they arrive.

    Or access can be activated when users bring mobile devices within range of select Cisco voice and video collaboration tools, allowing them to control the video system from a mobile device, view content on their mobile device, and share content from laptops using the room system monitor. Unique Cisco IP phone integration lets mobile devices—both Apple iOS and Android devices—connect to Cisco IP phones via Bluetooth.

  • An open and intelligent user experience

    Good user experiences matter before, during, and after the call.

    Cisco cloud calling solutions use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics to turn calling into cognitive collaboration.

    Cisco takes advantage of AI and ML data and analytics to create context and deliver it to people in the meeting. These insights into people enhance meeting dynamics and help build teamwork and camaraderie. AI and ML can also offer virtual or real-time assistance; recognize participants; suppress or detect noise; share documents; and find patterns in topics, language, and conversational interfaces.

    With the intelligence that can be gathered through sensors, bots, customer relationship management (CRM), Internet of Things (IoT), profiles, calendar scheduling, and social and public data—plus the analytics to turn it into information to aid connection—collaboration can be made more personal, more meaningful, and more productive. Greater context leads to better decision making.

    New cognitive collaboration technology is making it easier for users to join meetings, learn about who they’re meeting with, and get up to speed on the meeting agenda. With the Cisco Webex suite, all of the applications work together for a more seamless experience.

    And when you use the cloud, you always have access to the latest capabilities and features, without the hassle of deployment. Release cycles run in weeks, not years, so there’s no waiting for the newest update.

  • Flexible cloud transition paths

    Cisco makes your cloud calling transition simple, fast, secure, and affordable by addressing your concerns on three fronts at once: commercial, experience, and architecture.

    Commercial: Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan

    On the commercial side, cloud changes your communications budget from a CapEx to an OpEx model. The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan simplifies the transition by giving you one way to buy Cisco calling, whether you choose a cloud, hosted, or on-premises model. With the Flex Plan, you get Cisco’s industry-leading collaboration tools for calling, messaging, team collaboration, meetings, and contact center under one simple subscription-based offer. Buy one license, and you can convert it from on-premises to cloud. Flex Plan gives you the confidence of knowing that your on-premises investments will be protected as you move to the cloud.

    Why Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan?

    • It’s simple: Take advantage of Cisco’s industry-leading collaboration tools, available via one subscription.
    • It’s flexible: Mix and match between cloud, on-premises, hosted, and hybrid deployment options.
    • It’s agile: Get users up and running with the services they need today. Scale up with ease as adoption increases.

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