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We deliver the best connectivity available for your home or building, anywhere using only the best Fibre Networks and Cisco Technologies, that meet our highest standards and meet our tier one service promise that we commit to.
Broadband is a broad term, not all services are created equally. We break it out for you below. Feel free to get in touch.

XL Fibre

ROCTEL broadband gives you continuous high-speed Internet connection for a flat rate monthly charge. It is available in a number of speeds depending on your unique business requirements.

Need a multi site Corporate Account?

As one CIO at a Gartner Event said: "We used to have 2000 staff in two buildings we needed to secure, now we have 2002 locations that we need to secure.”

Many of our clients use us to build and manage their multi office networks and utilise many of our excellent services from collaboration, security and DIA fibre connections with ROCSOLID at its core.

It was easier not to have to worry about the home office, but now you have to, it is the job of the CIO and CTO to own the integrity of the network wherever it maybe, not just for security but also for availability. With the need to collaborate on WebEx, Teams, or Zoom you need reliable and as importantly Secure internet in the Home office.

We look after this via our ROCSOLID Home service that has been adapted from the enterprise for the new normal Work from Home that all employers are being tasked with supplying.

Remove the ownership from your staff, we will supply and bill your main HQ for all connections regardless of location in Ireland or Beyond, all connections and CPE will be available for you to review from your Mobile or NMC API from anywhere 24x7. Reach out today to find our how we leverage the best in class Security and technology to offer the fastest and most reliable WFH Broadband services.


Broadband is subject to availability and line quality. If your line cannot support the download speed requested, ROCTEL will offer you the best available speed that your line will support and downgrade the contract to reflect the speed you are able to achieve.

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