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ROCTEL Announced as Finalist in SFA National Small Business Awards 2022
December 3, 2021 at 8:00 AM

3 DECEMBER 2021 —The finalists in the SFA (Small Firms Association) National Small Business Awards 2022 have been officially announced, and ROCTEL have been nominated in the category of SUSTAINABILITY.

The aim of the awards is to celebrate the achievements of small business in Ireland, and to recognise the vital contribution of the small business sector to Irish industry.

“The response to the awards programme serves as a reminder that Irish small companies are resilient, putting their best foot forward and seeking recognition for their efforts” commented program chair Sue O’Neill. She goes on, "...given the quality of the businesses represented this year, entrepreneurship is alive and well in Ireland."

The SFA National Small Business Awards are now entering their 18th consecutive year and are a celebration of small business owners and their achievements. The 270,000 small firms in Ireland employ half of the private sector workforce and these awards aim to promote excellence and innovation amongst these companies in all sectors and parts of the country.

"The companies that have been announced as finalists this year represent all that is good about small business”, said O’Neill.

ROCTEL CEO and founder Cormac Reid responded to this announcement with humble gratitude on behalf of his entire team:

"ROCTEL are delighted to be finalist for the SFA awards 2022.

"We are acutely aware of our need to operate in a sustainable manner, and are proud to say that we make every effort possible to be as green as we can, in every area of our business."

As a company, ROCTEL have been acutely conscientious of the interrelationship between humanity and the environments co-created.

He continues, "We use as little plastic as is possible, and re-use packaging 90% of the time.

"In addition, there has been considerable investment in our recycling centre on site in our Dublin office, which has led to more efficient waste disposal. This ensures a responsible and ecological handling of waste materials. And we dispose of obsolete equipment safely."

Of note, ROCTEL is the only telecommunications provider to have a tree planting programme in Ireland - See more in our Tree planting blog post.