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About Us

RocTel International was established in 2000 with a mission to provide the best in class telecommunication and broadband services to businesses’. As a Cisco partner, RocTel specialise in providing the best telecommunications infrastructure to suit all your business requirements. We are a privately owned company, focused on building our business in Ireland and the UK, servicing the local and international markets. Our telecommunication suite includes Voice, Broadband, IP Networks, Managed Services and Unified Communications Systems, all coupled with first class telecommunication and internet back-up services ensuring that your business can operate efficiently.

We have commercial offices in Dublin City, City of London and satellite offices in the UK and Ireland, where we can offer remote managed services to customers. We provide high quality routers giving you bespoke broadband speeds tailored to your requirements. In addition we provide low-cost telecommunications services across all industries, together with Cisco infrastructure it will allow you to keep your business unified wherever your offices may be located while supporting all your business conferencing needs .  Our premium product RocSolid is a dual internet broadband service.  Effective and strong connectivity is mission critical to your business; unforeseen events can and do happen, which can impact your primary service therefore affecting your business. RocSolid is diversely routed and remotely managed to offer high availability underpinned by best in class Cisco infrastructure.

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Managed Network Solutions

Whether your network is home, local, campus or metropolitan we can manage the health and latency of your network, giving you a clear road-map on how best to get the return on your investment



RocSolid is a dual Internet access service, which is diversely routed and remotely managed to offer high availability underpinned by best in class Cisco infrastructure



RocTel deploys wireless equipment as dedicated last mile solutions with no contention.



RocTel HyperCloud is a WAN service using VPLS and focuses on the delivery of end-to-end Ethernet connectivity down to the end-user building, enabling you to easily add new locations outside your current network.