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RocTel Business Conferencing

RocTel Business Conferencing

RocTel Business Conferencing is a Teleconferencing service that allows you to accelerate information exchange and broaden meeting participation to include colleagues, customers, partners and industry specialists. This in turn speeds up the decision making process and it becomes more inclusive.

This synergy improves productivity and communications efficiency across national, international and organisational boundaries. RocTel Conferencing is the easiest way to connect and talk with customers, colleagues and suppliers anywhere at any-time.

RocTel Business Conferencing country specific dial in numbers list


RocTel Business Conferencing can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Speed up decision-making
  • Improve project communications
  • Make your business life easier


This is an “Any-Time” service. It is a high-quality service, perfect for regular and on-the-fly meetings. If you require something larger or more formal, RocTel’s Event Call service is perfect.

Use from any phone
No special hardware needed
No advance booking
Use Any-Time whenever you want
Have up to 50 guests
Each guest dials into their own local number
Personalised wallet card
Operators available 24 hours
All callers with PIN entry/DTMF issues routed
Roll call
Name on entry/exit

Managed Network Solutions

Whether your network is home, local, campus or metropolitan we can manage the health and latency of your network, giving you a clear road-map on how best to get the return on your investment



RocSolid is a dual Internet access service, which is diversely routed and remotely managed to offer high availability underpinned by best in class Cisco infrastructure



RocTel deploys wireless equipment as dedicated last mile solutions with no contention.



RocTel HyperCloud is a WAN service using VPLS and focuses on the delivery of end-to-end Ethernet connectivity down to the end-user building, enabling you to easily add new locations outside your current network.