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GDPR Statement as of May 25th 2018

RocTel International’s GDPR Statement 25th May 2018


With the arrival of GDPR, RocTel International has been focused on GDPR compliance efforts. We have evaluated new requirements and restrictions imposed by the GDPR; our clients will receive updated terms of business based on any changes that we have implemented.

The company’s data management policy is already robust. We take our customers’ data privacy needs extremely seriously. Within the organization, system partitions determine access levels to data, hard copy documents are kept under lock and key, and any extraneous, sensitive or personally identifiable data are disposed of responsibly.

We have performed an internal review to assess GDPR’s impact on the operations of the business. Based on our review, we find our use of customer data to be sufficient and not excessive. Data is available only to those key individuals where the data is needed to perform a function: engineering, finance, operations. Our data retention policies are strict – hard copies of outdated information are shredded, computer files are archived.

We also undertook a risk assessment and conclude our data is secure and existing processes are adequate to ensure data privacy protection. Our business is to efficiently and effectively manage network and telecom services for our clients. As such, our own systems are maintained to a high standard. We have a system firewall in place and monitor network activity continuously. Finally, our employees have been asked to review the firm’s policy on data handling and privacy and to sign-off on their understanding and commitment to it. RocTel will undertake a review of all supplier and third party contracts and arrangements to ensure that all of our partners are also in full compliance with GDPR.

Our primary means of communicating with our customers and company followers is via our monthly newsletter. If you receive this communication from us it means that at some point you either signed up or your contact information was supplied to us by you. In line with GDPR best practice readers can unsubscribe easily.

Should you have any questions regarding this policy please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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